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How to use the Concrete DIY kit

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

In this post we will learn how to use the Artriso Concrete DIY kit.

You may purchase the white or the natural concrete kit from the website shop.

The kit includes:

- Premix medium (1 kg)

- Cement admixture liquid (50 ml)

- Concrete Pigments (Choose 3 shades of 5 gm each)

For this video we will take 500 gms of the premix medium in a mixing bowl.

Always thoroughly mix the medium. Next, add half of the admixture (25 ml) to the mix and contintue mixing. Once done, take approximately 100-150 ml water and slowly add to the mixing bowl. It is important to not add all the water at once as it could cause the mix to be excessively liquid causing the concrete to become weak once dry.

We are aiming for a peanut butter consistency for the concrete mix. Mix for 5-6 minutes as a consistent mix gives better final result.

How to use everyday items as moulds (also included in the Artriso DIY kit)

Pour the conctrete mix into the mould. You may use silicone moulds if available or any old plastic container/ bottle as a mould. Tap the mould to pop any air bubbles. Let the concrete dry for 16-20 hours before demoulding. For larger pieces leave for 24 hours. Demold carefully.

For any rough patches you may use sandpaper to smoothen out. Start with 100-300 grit sand paper and follow it with 800, 1000. Wet the sandpaper while sanding.

Use a cement sealer to finish.



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