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How to varnish and seal your alcohol ink art?

Alcohol inks like with any medium would eventually fade if left to nature. But we can significantly slow this process!

Varnishing protects the alcohol ink art from damages and extends its longevity.

Which varnish to use?

There are no varnish in the market specifically made for alcohol inks. However, the recommended ones are Krylon varnish - Krylon Kamar and Krylon UV Resistant.

If you are in India/ elsewhere, and you are unable to buy this brand, you may use Brustro Acrylic spray varnish to replace the Krylon Kamar varnish. And use Winsor & Newton UV varnish to replace the Krylon UV Resistant.

How to use the varnish?

Step 1 : Let your artwork dry for atleast 24 hours. Use the Brustro Acrylic spray varnish first.

Shake it for a minute and spray it from a distance of 10-15 cms away. Cover the whole artwork but do not over-spray. Then wait for atleast 15 minutes and finish off with a second coat. Leave it to dry for atleast 12 hours.

Step 2 : For the UV varnish, if it is a liquid application, use a soft brush and completely cover the artwork similar to step 1. Leave it to dry for atleast 24 hours.

Step 3 : You may additionally finish off the work with a final layer of epoxy resin. Follow the instructions on the bottle of the resin manufacturer and take all necessary precautions while using resin. Apply a topcoat and let it cure for 24 hours.

Take care of your artwork by not placing it against direct sunlight for prolonged period of time.


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